Rounding off all Invoice values in Navision 4.0 SP3

Hi All,

I want to post invoice with rounding off in all corresponding G/L accounts, customer accounts etc. like my invoice tax amount = 123.56 and total amount   = 456.63 but i want to round it like this  tax amount = 124.00 and total amount   = 457.00

So i have done some setups as mentioned below :-

Finance Managemnt   - > General ledger setup  ->

Invoiceing rounding Precision  =  1.0

Invoice  Rounding Type   = Nearest.

Sales & receivalbles setup   -> Invoice rounding  = yes

And then i assign rounding off GL No. in Customer Posting Group as below :-

Customer Posting Group -> Invoice Rounding Account = 56322514

but at the time of F9 on sale order to check statistics or posting invoice it is showing error like :-

Item No. '56322514' does not exist.

but it is GL a/c no not a item.

Pls tell me where i am doing wrong to post the invoice with rounding off values.