Intercompany purchase invoices


Following is the scenario that my company has described.

They have opened a new branch B for which we have created a new company in Navision 2013 with intercompany postings configured. 

The Accounts department want to pass an intercompany transaction where a fixed asset for company B is payed by company A.

Thus they need a transaction where Company A vendor account is effected while paying a fixed asset for company B. Is this achievable ?



  • Hi Asad,
    Are you asking if the Intercompany module can be used to create an purchase/sales transaction with Fixed Assets instead of Items?

    Sadly enough, then you cannot do that directly. Intercompany module does not support Fixed Assets. Something that would have been great. We actually needed the same functionality in my current project and haven't found a good way to do it.
    It is basically our only type of direct Intercompany transactions.

    We looked into including Fixed Assets into the IC module as a customization. And at least for now we have decided not to do it. The issue is if you do it within the company, then you also need to transfer information regarding original purchase price/date, accumulated depreciation etc. So it needs a lot more than just a purchase/sale of an item.

    So if anyone else have a solution to doing the above, then I'm also very interested in a suggestion. Smile
  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    Hi Erik,

    Thanks for the reply, makes sense.

    Is there a way / process to use intercompany transactions for purchase invoices other than fixed assets? Thanks again.
  • In reply to Asad:

    Yes, you can still use intercompany purchase/sales invoices for inventory or gl transactions. But for GL, often easier to use journal entries.