Delivery Quota


I started to work in a company which uses amongs other things Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 (Version 5.0) in several subsidiaries. I am working in the strategical logistics and I try to develop a KPI Report. The delivery quota will be a very important KPI. My experience with NAV is almost zero.

1) Does NAV already have the possibility to measure the delivery quota and how I can inquire it. If yes, how is the logic respectively the formula for the calculation?

2) I would like to create my own delivery quota report by generating a query. The planned- and the real goods issue date are the dates which I want to compare but I can find it in different tables and a variuos amount of fields are showing goods issue dates. What source table and source fields would you recommend respectively does NAV have standard fields which I should adduct?

Thanks for your Feedback, Janoschig