How to Import Item Tracking info (Serial No) using RapidStart?

How can one use RapidStart to import Item Tracking info (serial numbers) for existing inventory for the initial deployment of NAV? We have more than 5000 Serial Number tracked items that need to be imported, and manually entering them is not practical. I can't find any tables that contain the SN info... I tried generating several items with SN tracking lines from the Windows client, but I can't seem to find the table those Serial Numbers are stored to when exporting all the tables I can think of that would be related to it via RapidStart.

I read several very old posts on various forums talking about Item Tracking being stored with Reservations and a series temporary tables (and several comments about how Item Tracking is poorly implemented in NAV), but nothing recent (or helpful) - please help!



Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 CU13 W1
(installed on Windows Server 2016 & SQL 2016!)