Fiscal Year 2016 closed by mistake!


I have an issue with a customer who has closed the fiscal year 2016 by mistake.All accounting periods are now closed.

He's using NAV 2013

1. Is there any way to reopen them?

2. If not, what effects will this have in the following months ?Any problem with the inventory or depreciation or others...


Please, any advice is appreciated!

Thanks in advance,




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  • Accounting period functionality in NAV has always been in embryonic stage - on one hand, it is present, on the another, it's practically useless. Except that one page and table underneath it the AccPeriods are not used elsewhere.
    Normally for one fiscal year there should be 14 periods - 12 months, year-closing period and audit period (or 4 quarters, or 2 half-years, but the last two remain always). Then, every GL entry should have a field where to enter Accounting period it refers to, but in NAV this reference is determined by Posting Date instead. Year closing is squeezed into such approach by this special C-date, but there is no way to add audit-related corrections and clearly distinguish those from other entries.

    All that said, you may not worry about your situation - NAV works flawlessly even without any AccPeriods defined at all (except one case - it wouldn't let you generate FY closing entries, and only because this batch job checks if FY in question is marked as "closed"), and this prematurely closed FY does not impact anything during the year. As accidentally closed FY is the current year, you will even be able to generate closing entries, when the time comes.