Questions on Forms; Designing a CLEAR Button on Forms

Hello All,

I am very new to NAV. I have Classic Client installed on my machine. I have created a Form named "Donor Card". It is a Card Form numbered "50000". I have the following fields.

Donor ID ; Name ; Address ; City ; State ; Postal Code ; Country.

I have taken up my data from a source table named "Donor" Table. Now I have a few questions here.

Q1. Are Card Forms supposed to be used typically as a display data or to create new data or to delete data? I know I could do all three. I just want to know the main purpose of CARD FORMS.

Q2. How can we invoke a List Form named "Donor List" (numbered 50010) from Card Form "Donor Card" (numbered 50000).
Q3. I need to design a CLEAR button on my Card Form "Donor Card" which will CLEAR all the TextBoxes. Can anybody provide me with a simple C/AL Code to delete all the Field TextBoxes.

Thank you for helping me out here. Appreciate it.


  • 1: Card forms are used to display/enter/modify a single record, typically used for master tables like Item, Customer, Vendor, etcetera. Not all tables get a Card form.

    2: Take a look at how the Item Card works. There's a button that has the selection that opens the Item List from the Item Card (The Item button). Look at the properties. Hint: the Item table itself has the Item List defined as its LookupFormID. I haven't worked with the classic client for quite a while, and I don't have one handy at the moment, so I can't remember off the top of my head what the shortcut key is and how it is called, but you should be able to figure it how based on how there Item Card form works.

    3: No C/AL code necessary. You hit the F3 function key to create a new record in the Card form.