Exchange rate Gain / Loss export Dynamics SL 2013 R2

Hi everyone,

in the last 2 months I have done some small tests for work, about simple stuff on invoice, payment, DBA, CRD, MultiCurrency.

So where I have a problem is that in Navision 2009, Dynamics GP and now Dynamics SL multicurrency works fine and I can see it on a detailed report, but what I want to do is to export just the gains/loss that are on the specific account (in my case 9330 account in Dynamics SL).

What I tried to do is maybe make a journal of gains/losses and export that, or just to export the data from the whole ledger where gains would be seen as well, but somhow the only place I can see the gain/loss in on the reports or detailed within the software.

Is there any way to show or post  only gains or losses on the ledger.

I have not done much work with Dynamics in accounting, but I'm always willing to learn.

Many thanks for your help and a Happy 2016 to everyone.