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Good Day,  I am using Microsoft dynamics Navision 2009 . I am mess up with my bank account reconciliation my general ledger shows balance of  500 (and my bank balance as per the statement is also 500) there is no issue. But when I check bank account leger the balance shows 1000. It is because when I first use Navision I have ticked direct posting later I knew that the correct way is to stop direct posting. Now what is solution to make bank ledger amount equal to general ledger of bank account.

jaafer alakkal

  • Hi,

    By looking at your questions somebody has posted direct entry in G/L ledgers by using general journal .If it is so then you need to reverse those entries and clear the balance.

    Check the transactions in COA.

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    HI Amol!

    Thank you for your suggestion. I am having the same issue. What if the entry is cleared and closed and you can't reverse it? Then how do you solve the problem?

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    What do you mean by entry is cleared and closed ????
  • As Amol says: I guess you have to open that account for Direct Posting, make a correcting, well documented ledger entry in that bank's G/L Account - and then untick Direct Posting again.
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    It is hard to make a JE using direct posting that will solve the problem since the JE affects both the bank sub ledger and its assigned ledger. I haven't been able to resolve that issue by booking a JE that debit and credits the bank sub ledger and the G/L. The difference is rolling into the new month bank recs.
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    I was working on a bank reconciliation where I had to make a direct posting that debited and credited the bank sub ledger and its assigned G/L. I cleared and posted those direct postings in that bank rec now I can't reverse them. Those postings aren't open for me to reverse.
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    This means your bank reconciliation is posted and statement no is updated against those entries. Check the fields Statement Status,Statement no,Statement Line No.
    You might need to clear the data from these fields for reversing the entries.
    Try these on Test database.
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    Hi Amol! How do I get to those fields? Can you please give direction?