Bank reconciliation and Journal Entries

We are experiencing a difficulty. Most (not all) of the Journal Entries using the Bank Account do not appear in the Bank Account Reconciliation Dynamics NAV 2013 component. Even if we use the same way for our Journal Entries, some of them are present.
 In my search, I did not find any solution that applies to us:  (Our Journal Entries comply as suggested in this discussion)
(Our Journal Entries comply as suggested in this discussion)
3- We also make sure to refresh the information with the “Suggest Lines” process.
 How can we solve this challenge?
 Thanks for your help!

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  • Hi Sylvian,

    Thank you for your question. When you have already tried what normally is suggested, then it's difficult to come up with something better without actually seeing your system. So I hope you found a solution since you asked your question. If you did, please tell us your solution, so that it might help the next user with this problem.

    If you haven't found a solution by now, then I will suggest that you take the entries that works correctly and compare them to the ones that doesn't work. What is different? Have they been posted differently? Different currency, different bank?