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Distinta fornitori emessa


mi trovo il seguente problema:

devo permettere al cliente l'estrazione della distinta fornitori, dopo aver eseguito il setup come indicato sul sito della ms:

  1. Navigate to Bank Export/Import Setup in order to define the export format. Create a new line with the following parameters: Code= SEPA CBI CT, Name= SEPA CBI CT, Direction=Export, Processing Codeunit ID=1220, Processing XMLport ID=12100.

  2. Go to the Bank Account Card. Make sure that the bank account that you want to create payment exports for has the necessary fields filled in: IBAN and ABI. In the field Payment Export Format select the export format SEPA CBI CT defined in step 2 above.

  3. Make sure that bank accounts associated with vendors have the necessary SEPA fields filled in: IBAN

  4. On the Vendor Bill Card, make sure to have Payment Method Code set to TRANFBANC before selecting Create List.

  5. On the Vendor Bill List Sent Card, select Export to File to generate the XML file.

nav restituisce il seguente errore : Sono consentite solo transazioni in euro (EUR).