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NAV2013 Excise - DSA & ER 1 Entry Table


We have a case with our client, where the production of Bakery goods attract accrual of Excise Duty. As the Excise requirement suggests - The excise tax liability accrues when the goods are manufactured, but the collection of liability is postponed until the goods are removed from the factory. A manufacturer must discharge the tax liability with respect to clearances (movement of goods) made during the month.

Can anyone help me understand -

1. What is the process in MS NAV2013R2 to Update the Value of Excise Duty Payable in ER1 & DSA Entry Tables when the items are produced using - Assembly Order & Production Orders

2. Since there is no Process of Scrap Sales in the business process. How does the system pass an entry for Accrual of Excise at the time of Production and Collection of Excise at the time of Sales.

3. What happens to the balance if there is a difference in the No of Items produced and no of Items sold.

As per the information available, at the time of Production / Output - No value gets updated in DSA / ER1 tables. If this is correct, does anyone know the reason why??