Group/ Total in Report


I have one maybe too beginner question related with grouping in CC reports. 

For every job I should calculate the Quantity in hours of Capacity Ledger Entries

but ,every Capacity Ledger Entry  has an “Assembly No.” and should to be calculated total of field “Quantity (h)” for every Assembly No. 

So how can I group by Assembly No in CC and after that to calculate the hours for each?

I added new key in Capacity Ledger Entry Table, and after that I filed in Capacity Ledger Entry-DataItem, DataItemTableView property with SORTING(Assembly No.).

I tried with:

 In Group Total Fields to add: Quantiti(H) and using groupfooter for showing but in this case footer is not printed

 If I filled Group total fields with Assembly No. then total is printed but that is sum of ALL ledger entries for that Job, NOT grouped by Assembly No.

How can I solve this, this is my first time to create report from scratch and it loокs confusing for me.

Thanks in Advance