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Hi Experts,

I have one problem at my client site, please understand the process first, Its a trading company

When we received any material through Purchase Order RG23D register updated with positive value (i.e. inventory increase) and when we sale item RG23D register update with negativ value (inventory decreace).

Now, my problem is that, when i create any Sales Order for any item and when i do Calculate structure value, system update Negative entry in RG23D table. Upto here every thing goes ok.  Now due to some reason when i delete that Sales Order,  negative entries in RG23D tables remain as it is. When i create new sales order for that item system is giving error of Quantity not available in RG 23D. I am giving example below :-

I purchase Item "A" of 100 Pcs, in RG23D positive entry of 100 is updated when i post Purchase Order. I made sales order of Item "A" with 100 Pcs and do calculate Structure value. Now I delet the Sales Order. I made another Sales Order of item "A", and when i do calculate structure value system is giving error, that there are no sufficient quantity available for Item "A".

Allthough item card shows inventory is available.

Can anybody help in this regards..

Best Regards,

Rajesh s Patankar