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Choosing the Ideal Nav

Our companies' financial dilemma. We have Navision 2, three companies, 18 users. We cannot afford to pay for all that is involved in partnering, analysis, implementation in one payment.
 We need to figure out what we can afford to do now and what we will be able to manage in the future. Because we have no partner it is difficult to figure out exactly what is the first step.
 Before the end of the year I can investing in an initial analysis. That would give us an understanding as to our options.  If we can manage to finance the analysis and buy the software before year’s end that would be practical. Thus we expect two phases. The first phase is discovery: analysis, cost of the software, cost of implementation. The second phase would be in 2013 implementation. Then hopefully in 2013 we could then do the full implementation.
 What would be a better investment – this small company with under 20 Navision users – Navision 2009 or Navision 2013?
I know this is basic stuff for those upgrading, staying current and so forth but we have done nothing since 1999.  Our Navision work - there was nothing to do to improve the situation.  With Microsoft end of life we are willing to change...and are at a disadvantage not knowing what are forward moving steps should be. Thanks