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Excise Amt pass on problem in stock transfer invoice in Navision 4.0-SP3

Hi All,

I am transferring goods material from plant  to sale depot for the sale of items.

Now i want to pass on excise on invoice at the time of receiving of items at sales depot means:- excise value calculated & posted in corresponding GL acnts only not to include in Net Total Val of invoice (Net Total Val posted in Value Entry Table).

Currently system invoice value calculations are as following:-

(Qty*Unit Price)Amount + Excise Amount  = Net Total Val.

According to above calculations excise amount included in Net Total Val, so excise amt also included in item's unit  cost because net total value posting in  Value Entry Table and unit cost generating on the basis of Net Total Val of this table.

Simply I want to post invoice's net total value excluding excise amt in Value Entry Table to calculate actual unit cost of items on item card. All entries should be posted in corresponding table as they are posting now but  excluding excise amt in Net Total Val.

Please tell how i can do it should i create new tax structure or some coding required.

please help me i will be very thankfull to you.