NAVISION ERROR 1355 in Module 19

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I am currently running Navision[V] 3.6 but we keep getting an "Internal Error 1355 in Module 19" has anyone else had this error? The Navision Consultant that we use suggest that we upgrade from 3.6 to 4.0 but can't say for sure that upgrading will resolve the issue.
Any thoughts or suggestions?
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  • I found the following informations about this error:


    2 processes tried to call the same function in DBM which is not allowed.

    The way this error is provoked is the following:
    1) Client issues a db request (which sits in queue on the server)
    2) Client doesn't get a response in a timely manner (because the server is either busy with this queue or with something else)
    3) Client re-issues the same db request
    4) Server says "why do you want the same?" = "non-reentrant code"
    The reasons are usualy:
    a) the delay between client and server. I have seen it at a big installation when doing a restore (or changing/redesigning table objects) as client server.
    When doing the same as client only (on the server) everything was OK. Additionally you must not re-design table on running system
    (while old table objects might be in object cache of some other clients) - you may corrupt the database.
    b) the server is busy responding this or other requests.
    This may be a performance issue and you need to let us know if that is standard code or added functionality.
    In both cases, wrongly selected key or poorly structured SIFT fields and keys are most likely to be the problem.

    - Check the size of the temp-file
    - Reduce the DBMS-Cache to 256 MB
    - delete the zup file
    - The error has been (or should be) fixed with 3.60 HotFix 9
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