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Service Tax New Rule

Dear All,

Please suggest how to map the Service Tax New Rule in Navision.

Kindly Suggest for below:-

New rule in service tax has been emerged in which some part of service tax payable by us & some payable by vendor.
How to deal when 50% service tax paid by us & 50% paid to vendor agst 1 invoice.
Staff Hiring Chgs                               Dr           100000 (a)
Service Tax recoverable                Dr           6180 (12.36%/2 of a)
Service Tax Recovered                  Dr           6180 (12.36%/2 of a)
Vendor                                                 Cr            106180
Service Tax Payable                        Cr            6180
Kindly help, I require the solution because of this unmapped i am unable to book many entries in navision
Thanks in Advance