"30 Days End of Month" payment terms

For the first time in a while, I have arrived at the site of a client who wants to be able to set payment terms as "net month end" (i.e. 30 days from the end of current month.)

This is something which I haven't come across since I last looked at Sage (the pain [xx(]) and I have never seen it work in Navision, although I know some have tried.

Anyone got any experience of making this work. My initial response to my client has been that it is not likely, but I promised to investigate.

I have been playing with the formulae in the payment terms table to little effect (other than managing to apply terms of 30 months and 30 years respectively!!)

Thanks in anticipation...
  • Hi

    Try CM+30D Big Smile
  • Thanks Steven

    It seems to work perfectly...
  • Hmm - What's going to happen in February?

    I would proberbly do something in the line of:

  • Hi,

    We use CM+1D+1M-1D and it seems to work perfectly...

  • Hi Henrik

    February does not matter. CM+30D will go into March whether it is a leap year or not, it will mean the due date is just in early march, not 30 days into the subsequent month.

    Hi Meint

    How is CM+1D+1M-1D different from CM+1M. Doesn't it get to the same date?
  • Is not the same if you are looking for month ends.

    CALCDATE('CM+1M', 31/08/2004) = 30/09/2004

    CALCDATE('CM+1M', 30/09/2004) = 30/10/2004 (it should be 31/10/2004)
  • hmmmm

    Interesting one! Big Smile

    Still at least CM+30D always gives you 30 days from the EOM which is what the original question asked!!
  • quote:
    Originally posted by SBWEAVER

    Still at least CM+30D always gives you 30 days from the EOM which is what the original question asked!!

    Steven -

    Your profile says Implementation - You - off all people - should know, that it's not always what people ASK they need - You need to read between the lines Big Smile
  • Hi Henrik,

    That is a good point, and as you are in development you will do exactly what they say, and then charge them again for making the changes they should have seen in the first place!!!

    And remember the originator asked a question, I answered it and the response was
    Thanks Steven

    It seems to work perfectly...

    No need to read between the lines!!
  • The word: 'seems' is key here WinkBig Smile

    Oh Well - It's friday, and only 4 - 5 hours from going to the martini bar [:o)]
  • I'm off now. Have a good weekend!
  • If you want to set the due date the end of the next month, you could use 1M+CM (the result is the same as using CM+1D+1M-1D)