Data Replication

Hey all,

Hoping to learn a lot from this forum.


I am new to this field.

We had a few items where prices were updated recently,but the new prices were not updated on the POS machines.

We have 7 POS machines in total.
The other day,a customer picked up the new item(new price) and decided to pay this from POS machine # 1.

When the item was scanned,it returned the message below

"The UOM is missing for article..".

To fix this i manually added the item on POS # 1's  "unit of measure table".Ever since the item was added,The message above no longer appears for this counter.

Now I need to replicate this settings from counter 1 to all 6 counters,

For now i manually enter all the articles in the unit of measure tables.Can I replicate from one POS to another.

Please do let me know how this is done


Thanks a lot