Receiving No. Series Error Message

I'm using Navision Financials version 2.60.A and having some trouble posting purchase orders. I have all the necessary information entered in the purchase header, and all the G/L accounts and posting groups are set up correctly. But when I try to post the purchase order, I get an error message saying "You must specify Receiving No. Series in Purchase Header Document". I've searched everywhere in Navision for the 'Receiving No. Series' field but cannot find it.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Looking forward to your help.

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  • Thanks for the solution but I would like to explain in more details on where to enter your No. Series Code into Purchase Header Table field.

    Have 2 fields must fill up your series no.

    1) Posting No. Series

    2) Receiving No Series

    You must copy and paste to all Purchase Order Header at the Table.

    Bingo... the purchase can be posted.