Service Item Group question

Good Morning, I am the service manager for a manufacturing company and a new user to Navision. 

I am wondering if it is possible to associate a single part across multiple platforms. The reason that I ask is that I work for a manufacturing company that uses common parts across multiple machine platforms and I am trying to limit the the service item components that are viewed at any given time to only the parts that can be used in this machine. 

Maybe a better way to put this is that part A may be used in machine X, machine Y and machine Z. If I use a Product group code and a Service item group code that associates Part A to Machine X, how can I get this part to be available for machine Y and machine Z? If I use a code that will associate this part to all three machines, it is my impression that parts which are exclusive to machine X will not be displayed. Is this correct? and if so, how do I overcome this?

Thank you for your time,