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can anyone explane me the logic of navision posting - releations between purchase, purchase inv., purchase rcpt, item register, item ledger entry, value entry,...?

I have tried to read Navision Attain architecture, but this not really helped.

purchase inv.  ws  purchase rcpt
item ledger entry  ws  Item register  ws  Value entry

thanks in advance

  • Purchase receipt = receipt of goods at the organisation (primarilty for the vendor)

    Purchase invoice = posting of actual costs (supplier invoice) for goods already received.

    Item ledger entry = record of physical stock transactions for an item; sum of which will give inventory.

    item register = list of all ledger entries for one transaction, equivalent to document. Look also into the other registers.

    value entry = record of values (purchase and sales and adjustment) relating to item ledger entry but not  always related directly to physical stock.

    Take a copy of the CRONUS database and look at posting that have already been created for a stock item. Use the Navigate function to find all the related ledger entries and posted documents. Then look at the individual entries and check for the similarities and the difference.

    Good luck.


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