export a budget to excel

hi all,

I am running with the 5.0 version. When I try to export a budget to excel, the systems shows me the following message:

"The call to member LeftHeader failed. Microsoft Office Excel returned the followin message:

LeftHeader property can be assigned from the Pagesetup class" or something like that.

Do you know what it means?.


  • Witch Excel version are you using?

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    with Office 2003.

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     Hi Jimmy,

     Are you performing this from citrix? I had the same problem. But it only happens when I do it on Citrix and not on local. I suspect that this is due to permission problems configured. At the end, I disabled this code, as I found out that it only functions to set the page Header in excel with the report title. Which to me is just cosmetics.


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    i'm not sure if it will help in your case, i had a different problem with exporting to excel (class related errror message) it was solved when i updated my windows.