Sales Tax Software for NAV

I am looking for recommendations on sales tax software that builds into NAV. We are currently running Avalara Avatax, but believe me it is horrible and there tech support returns a call about a week after you call them. We have to charge state sales tax in all US states that charge tax. Please let me know of any solution that works good for you. Thanks for your responses.
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  • Realizing this thread is over two years old, I thought I would update everyone on Avalara's NAV connector. Over the course of the last couple of years we have made significant enahncements and improvements to our connector for NAV and GP. In addition we have launched our connector for AX as well. I have porovided you with a link to a cusomter case study below that shows our recent successes with NAV. We would be happy to discuss with anyone our capabilities of providing the easiest, fastest, most accurate and affordable sales tax solutions for Microsoft Dynamics Users.

    Microsoft Dyanmics NAV Avalara Sales Tax

    In addition to the above case study, you can watch a Microsoft funded video case study on Avalara. Learn why Microsoft has selected Avalara as the poster child for Software Plus Services.