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Deciding between Navision/Solomon for project comp

I am with in engineering construcion company in ahmedabad/India and after evaluating several platforms, solutions, etc. - have decided on MS platform for implementing an enterprise wide system. Based on reviews, case studies, clients, etc. alone, I chose MS Solomon and contacted a MSB partner here. But I was told that Microsoft is really not keen on promoting Solomon in India and are focusing on Navision. I studied Navision, and on the outside I can't tell much difference but based on many articles, case studies, etc. (even on ms website) but it seems Navision is more suited towards manufacturing companies and Solomon more towards Project driven (e.g, engineering & construction being the most suited segment) companies.

So, I have to decide on the following:
1. If I want to get local support, then I have to go with Navision.
2. If I decide to take a little risk and go with Solomon, then I'll have to hire my own team to implement it as there is no local service provider who has done this.

I would appreciate any suggestions, insights into this. Here are more details on the modules/granules/processes we are considering as part of ERP:

1. Accounting: General Ledger, Cash management, bank account management, check writing, financial management
2. Project Management
3. Asset Management
4. Human Resources management

Would it be worth the extra effort and go with Solomon (rather than Navision) even though its not much supported in India (by building an in-house implementation team rather than going to service provider who will be implementing solomon for the first time anyway)?