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Payroll Monthly Process


I need clarification / help on 2 issues in Payroll ASAP.Im using the latest hotfix for payroll in 3.70.

1. Monthly payroll process:
The monthly payroll periodic activity, when run, displays a request form first. In that when I select an employee or grade, the salary is processed for the selected values. However, when I select other fields such as sex, statistics group code, the system does not take it into consideration? Why is it so? I need to incorporate this. If so, what are the steps to be taken by me?

2. PF calculation:

WHen I run the monthly pay process for an employee, the payroll is processed and gross deduction such as PF is listed when I have a check mark in the "ENTITILED TO PF " field of the employee card.
Now, I uncheck the field and re run the monthly pay process. However, the report still shows the PF amount deducted!!!
This would not be correct. I have checked the grade level PF conditions also.

Ramya Venkat