Financials & Vertex sales tax

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We're US based users of Navision Financials. Our auditors and board insist that we collect sales tax for all states and other taxing entities within the US. Doing this accurately and filing returns is surprisingly time consuming.

We're attempting to integrate Navision Financials with Vertex's ( Quantum product.

Has anyone here done this?

  • Dear Russ Bellew,
    This sounds very interesting. Also in regards to the webshop product I've developed for my company Business Management Int'l. BMI/OpenVision. But this discussion should go into the US specific forum.

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    Erik P. Ernst, webmaster
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    over 20 years ago
    I file Sales tax for 23 States . I'm currently in the process of using Fasttax (
    I've created a dataport to export my Sales by State, County & city. I'm currently dumping the info into excel & manually filing the returns. Fasttax will eventually take the info & prepare my reports for me.
    I hope to have Fasttax intergrated in about a month. I'll keep you updated of my "success"