Currency code for one or more Financial Journal line is incorrect

I try to make at payment in Business Central cloud version, with standard BC settings.

When I try to generate a file, it tells me that it can only be done in DKK and EUR.

If I try to make a payment in SEK I get this message:

  • Valutakode for en eller flere Finanskladdelinje er forkert. Du kan kun bruge DKK eller EUR.
  • (In English: Currency code for one or more Financial Journal line is incorrect. You can only use DKK or EUR.)

I guess that there must be a setting that tells the system, that I can only make payments in those currencies, but I cannot find that setting. 

They currency and rates are set in the system. The bank account is set with blank in currency to allow all currencies.

Hope you can help me.

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  • Hi  .

    I have tried to change the ledger account to SEK, the bank account to SEK and the make a payment to a Swedish vendor. It the comes up with the same error that payments can only be done in DKK or EUR. I guess it must be some settings in the "Definition of payment export lines" under Payment Methods. In this standard Danish version, there is a setting named BTI that should be for Bank Transfers International. BC is set up to use DKK as LCY, and payments works fine with both DKK and EUR from a bank account in DKK (blank)

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