NAV2016 and NAV2018 client on same machine, error when opening Sessions page

Hi all,

I have an issue at one of my clients.
They have several companies, split into different divisions.
Each division are on different versions of NAV
One is on NAV2016, and another is on NAv2018.

They have their servicetiers on different servers, so no issue there.

Now they wanted to install the NAV2018 client on their Citrix-servers, where the NAV2016 client was already installed.
After that the clients them selves seem to work fine, but if they try to open the Sessions page in the NAV2016 client, they get a version mismatch error between server and client.
The versions stated indicates that it tries to create a connection with the NAV2018 client, even though initiated from the NAV2016 client.

I have recreated the same situation on my laptop, by installing the 2 versions in the same order.

I expect that it comes down to some registry entry, pointing to the NAV2018 client, but this is where i'm in way over my head. :-)

Has anyone ever had this issue, and know how to fix it?


// Alexander