LS+BC wave 1 VS LS+BC Wave 2

Dears , Greetings of the day . 

My company works on upgrading our Dynamics LS NAV 2016 to Business central , but we are worry a little bit regarding which wave we should take for upgrade ( LS-BC 14 Wave1 or LS-BC 15 wave 2) . 

LS-BC Wave 1 LS-BC Wave 2
C/AL + AL AL Only
RTC + Web client  Only web client
Development Environment  No development Environment
SQL 16 SQL 16

These are the main differences i know about the both waves . and i still don't know which wave we should select . 

We are in hospitality business , we are using LS and NAV .

 any help will be much appreciated .

Thanks and Regards

  • Based on the information that I listened to in the upgrade Video from the TechDay (mibuso channel) you need to define the upgrade from the "old" version of NAV for NAV BC 14.0 and the do upgrade to NAV BC 15.0.

    About LS Extension - you need to receive consultancy from LS (because they only know what is ready for their functionality).