nav native 3.70 ODBC download

A pure classic I need the an old ODBC driver.

I have been browsing some 15 year old posts on this forum, because I have been give a task regarding an old Navision native setup, where I need to get data from the file, and not SQL. I have read enough threads in here to know that it's on the installation-CD, which no one remembers where is and most likely thrown out 10 years ago. It should also be available here: but really it isn't. I can't find the link, and it is sort of frustrating, as I felt so close.

I have seen several low effort threads to know that basic questions like mine are not that great, but I really believe I have done my due diligence here. Any pointers would be very appreciated. Also old posts on this site navigates to this forum, and not any sub-groups, so I hope it is ok I post here.

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