Unable to download symbol in BC150

Hi Everyone,

I have installed BC wave2 release and try to download the symbol before publishing the application then it is throwing an error message (below). So my question is that did I missed something or the version of application is not correct? Can anyone let me know how can I fix this? Below I have added my app and launch json files.

Thank you.


[2019-10-21 12:17:58.06] The request for path /BC150/dev/packages?publisher=Microsoft&appName=Application&versionText= failed with code NotFound. Reason: No published package matches the provided arguments.
[2019-10-21 12:17:58.06] Could not download reference symbols. Please ensure that:
1. The correct server name and instance are specified in the launch.json file.
2. The correct application version is specified in the app.json file.
3. The dependencies are correctly specified in the app.json file.
Microsoft (R) AL Compiler version


 "id": "bfd0674d-8d01-4016-ac87-d82d6361a865",
  "name": "ALProject3",
  "publisher": "Default publisher",
  "version": "",
  "brief": "",
  "description": "",
  "privacyStatement": "",
  "EULA": "",
  "help": "",
  "url": "",
  "logo": "",
  "dependencies": [],
  "screenshots": [],
  "platform": "",
  "application": "",
  "idRanges": [
      "from": 50100,
      "to": 50149
  "contextSensitiveHelpUrl": "">https://ALProject3.com/help/",
  "showMyCode": true,
  "runtime": "3.2"


            "type": "al",
            "request": "launch",
            "name": "Your own server",
            "server": "">http://localhost",
            "serverInstance": "BC150",
            "authentication": "Windows",
            "startupObjectId": 22,
            "startupObjectType": "Page",
            "breakOnError": true,
            "launchBrowser": true,
            "enableLongRunningSqlStatements": true,
            "enableSqlInformationDebugger": true,
            "port": 7049