Published V2 Extension Online in Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud Sandbox but not showing our Customize extension part ?

Hi Expert ,

      I have converted my Old V1 Extension using Command .Please check attached document. Follow the below process to create the package file using Visual Studio Code :

    1) Create a new project. For this

  • Ctrl + Shift + P and type >AL: Go and rename the project (DynamicsBC).
  • Go enter and select Microsoft Cloud Sandbox. Now the other window open asking for id and password for authentication (Provided business central cloud Sandbox credentials).
  • HelloWorld.AL file generated by default. Where a default code was found for 'Helo world message'  for Customer List Page.
  • I am little bit confuse in 'Launch.Json' file what need to be changed for me as our extension is modified Customer /Item/SalesOrder/Contact/Ship-to Address/Contact Alt. Address Card pages.
  • I am not clear how to linked Launch.json and *.al files.
  • Added my all converted AL files in this project .
  • Changes value of  "idRanges": [{"from": 33064461,"to": 33064500}] in app.json file.
  • Changes the publisher name 'Insync Tech-Fine Solution Ltd.''
  • Type Ctrl + Shift + B . Package is created.
  • Upload the extension in Dynamics 365 BC cloud.
  • Deploy/installed successfully.
  • When i open customer list page hello world message is showing. When i open a customer there should be showing my customize part( but no customize part showing and no error .  
  • Please suggest how to include my Extension AL files in this project  and configured with app.json . So that my extension part will be viewed in Dynamics 365 BC.

pageextension 33064492 pageextension33064492 extends "Customer Card"
    // version NAVW113.00

            part("AEC Customer Page"; "AEC Customer Page")
                SubPageLink = No = FIELD ("No.");
            part("Web page details"; "AEC Application Customer List")
                SubPageLink = CustomerNo = FIELD ("No.");

    "version": "0.2.0",
    "configurations": [
            "type": "al",
            "request": "launch",
            "name": "Microsoft cloud sandbox",
            "startupObjectId": 22,
            "startupObjectType": "Page",
            "breakOnError": true,
            "launchBrowser": true

  "id": "b8864f08-1d44-43ab-98f5-c375f6a0ae65",
  "name": "DynamicsBC",
  "publisher": "Insync Tech-Fine Solution Ltd.",
  "version": "",
  "brief": "",
  "description": "",
  "privacyStatement": "",
  "EULA": "",
  "help": "",
  "url": "",
  "logo": "",
  "dependencies": [],
  "screenshots": [],
  "platform": "",
  "application": "",
  "idRanges": [
      "from": 33064461,
      "to": 33064500
  "contextSensitiveHelpUrl": "",
  "showMyCode": true,
  "runtime": "3.2"