Business Central Metadata error

Customer is using D365 Business Central in the cloud. They are getting "Metadata for page 176 does not contain a control definition for the control with ID 2. Page Select - Standard Purchase Code Card - LAUNDRY - Laundry && Uniforms has to close." They are just trying to enter Standard Purchase Codes. In previous versions, it was a fairly simple process to go into the Development Environment and recompile the object, or remove the record from the Metadata table and then recompile. But since there is no such environment anymore, how does the customer get beyond this one? If anyone has any ideas, I would be eternally grateful! :-)

  • Usually Metadata error happens when a field is added to eg. a page - and then the field is deleted in a table but the page still exists on the page. 

    So the question is? What is exactly your setup?  Has the user customized the page? And when you say in the cloud - is it then at microsoft if the answer to that is yes, then you probably have to contact Microsoft if this could be a Cloud Error.