Adjust Cost - Item entries report 795


The report Adjust Cost - Item Entries gives me a fatal error during the report runs. 

A fatal error occurred. The connection to SQL server cannot be established or is no longer usable. This can be caused by one of the following reasons:

* The server has been shut down manually or because of an error.
* The SQL server connection settings are not correct
* A network failure has occurred.
* A hardware failure has occurred on the server or on your computer.

Try again later or contact your system administrator.

This error message shows up for one company and not in other companies in same database.

I looked on internet to find an answer for this topic but couldn't find it. 

Does anyone has an experience in this error?

It happens in Dynamics NAV version 7.1.3 build 7.10.45478

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  • So I got more news,   I ran the debugger to find the issue, don't know if it's related to this one but it has been solved.
    There was a missing value in the department code field in General Ledger Entries. 

    It's very strange that the system gave a SQL error but after filling this field, the report processed everything fine. Also possible that the running of this report in the night helped us out, because during the day there are more then 50 employees using the system and the system might be not able the carry out the heavy process... 

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