Copy Rows feature - NAV 2016

Hi All,

We are using NAV 2016. 

While copying rows from a GL Entry table or any other table (about 40,000 rows) NAV hangs. 

Previously we were able to do this successfully, how can we resolve this?



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  • I cannot say why it has become slower.
    But the copy function has always been something you should avoid, from a performance perspective. Or at least avoid when we talk about so many records.
    If you have a large installation, then it doesn't really take much more than a couple of users trying to do this with your "hot tables", like G/L Entry, before all your other users feel it. Especially if you have set a lot of filters. Getting even worse with Cust. Ledger Entry or similar with many flowfields.

    Much better to create an XMLPort or use the Send To (Excel) function.
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