Copy Rows feature - NAV 2016

Hi All,

We are using NAV 2016. 

While copying rows from a GL Entry table or any other table (about 40,000 rows) NAV hangs. 

Previously we were able to do this successfully, how can we resolve this?



  • If it was working previously and now doesn't then the first step is to identify what you changed.
  • Now everything you copy is in XML format and its slow. Why don't you go to the options and use then send to excel option which is not better but will execute little faster than you copy. MS has do a better job with copying rows which even I have noticed.
  • In reply to David Singleton:

    Prev. meaning in NAV 2013, we upgraded to NAV 2016. Is there anyway to check this?
  • In reply to navcust8:

    Speak to the partner that did the upgrade and review your UAT testing results to find out where it went wrong.
  • I cannot say why it has become slower.
    But the copy function has always been something you should avoid, from a performance perspective. Or at least avoid when we talk about so many records.
    If you have a large installation, then it doesn't really take much more than a couple of users trying to do this with your "hot tables", like G/L Entry, before all your other users feel it. Especially if you have set a lot of filters. Getting even worse with Cust. Ledger Entry or similar with many flowfields.

    Much better to create an XMLPort or use the Send To (Excel) function.