Adjusted Cost - Value Entries

Hi ,

we recently migrated from Nav 3.0 to Nav 2016 and we are using Weighted average costing method.

Month-end we use to run the batch job ( Adjust Cost entries and Post inventory cost to G/L ).

in the Old version 3.0  whatever diff, it will update the existing record ( Value entries ) and create single entries G/L entries per account.

on the new version diff amount getting posted as a separate line in Values entries and G/L entries.

is it possible to customize like nav 3.0 version or is it not advisable?

Managment want's to avoid the additional entries ( Value entries & G/L Entries) on diff amount while running the batch job.











  • Hi Muthu,

    You're right that the way average  cost were calculated rather differently in the old versions. If you never had issues with the old version AC then you may be the only NAV consultant in history. So yes it's been redesigned, and too the better.

    You asked if it was advisable to change? The clear answer is:

    NO WAY!

    Unless of course you have unlimited access to NAV resources! Well, even if you had, then I'll still say no.

    Especially if all they want to avoid is extra disk space. You can get a lot of extra hard drives for what that's going to cost you. And it's going to be a "circus" you need to repeat at each update.

    I've always recommended anyone against using average cost, but not anymore, as it actually works compared to before. Even if it does give you a few extra entries.