Remove blank lines from Report

Hello Experts,

I am developing a Report, in that i am using multiple tables. But in some table somewhere is data and somewhere not . So i want to Remove blank lines those are not having data.

Thanks in advance.

  • Use hidden expression
  • In reply to Binesh Singh Rajput:

    Not quite sure if hidden is the best solution. If it's a question of having empty records, which are not even used by the report, then I would start by filtering any records out even before they get to the records. Which means filtering in NAV, not Visual Studio.

    But if your problem is about how you make sure that your different table boxes in the report, only contains data from that "table", then the you could use either the hidden expression in RDLC.
    Or, which I would do in that case, to set a filter on the tablix properties. I.e. =CStr(Fields!LineNo_SalesLine.Value) --> an example from report 206, where it is used to make sure that the invoice lines only contain the lines.
  • Hello Tanu,

    As per Erik suggestion you can do some RND or 

    for hiding a rows from RDLC -> Select whole row and then go for Row Visibility and then write in expression something:


    or you can use


    For skipping the record that you don't want then write something in

    OnAfterGetRecord triger

    IF YourTableField = '' THEN Currreport.SKIP;


    or you can filter in DataItemTableView property if the Dataitem belongs from you field.