Hi folks,

I want to know if there is a translation text file for the french language(1036) and how to get one. I have actually installed a french language module for a client in nav 2013 but that does not change the object captions to french apart from department, home and role center links.

  • By "langauge module" do you mean the French sub-folders in the client and server folders?

    Then you still need to import the French language translation. If you open the French Cronus localization and from the Object Desinger selects Tools -> Language Module -> Export. Here you specify a file name and the language (FRA).

    When that's done, then you open you your actual development database (NEVER DO THIS IN PRODUCTION). Here you import the file you just exported.

    Notice that you need a Partner Development license to do this, and you will have to recompile all objects again.

  • In reply to Erik P. Ernst:

    that works but what about the custom objects that you create yourself that did not come out of the box? How do you create a translation for them automatically.
  • In reply to EDDY:

    Yes, this would not include your custom objects. Here you need to export all new and changed objects. And then translate everything that is missing after you've imported the language module. That's done with Translate->Export.
    But be careful. There is more to it than it looks.

    Let's say your localized base version is German. But the language you need is French. When you import the language module, then it will not cover any localized functionality in the German version either.
    And let's say that the German version (or your customization's for that matter) contains a new option field option. If you "forget" to translate this new option, then the option will not show at all.
    When you've imported everything and translated it again, then testing the new language is very very important. I have seen some unforeseen problems.