How to Return Posted Sales Credit Memo.Hi guys!

I need your help, I have posted a Sales Return Order with wrong transaction and I need to reverse it but I don't know how to reverse it.

Please suggest me solution. Thnx in Adv.

  • You need to click here on the lines in the posted return receipt.

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    My entries also goes into posted sales credit Memos. Then 'Undo Return Receipt' function also work for these????
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    Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    This receipt has already been invoiced. Undo Return Receipt can be applied only to posted, but not invoiced receipts.

    This Error gives me after click Function > Undo Return Receipt.
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    If Sales Return order is posted with Receive and Invoice. System issues credit note as well. Hence all the entries are reversed. Now you have to do the new transaction from the beginning.
    Copy the sales order posted and do the rest in the new sales order.