Unable to open NAV 2016 RTC

Hi All,

I upgraded NAV 2013 R2 DB to NAV 2016 after that i forget to add my user id to that DB so now I am unable to open NAV 2016 RTC, I am getting the following error,

Microsoft Dynamics NAV
The User Setup does not exist. Identification fields and values: User ID='XYZ'

Pls suggest me any solution. Thank u.

  • Hi Sivani,
    User Setup is not generally required by standard NAV. Neither NAV 2013 nor NAV 2016.
    The user setup table is not where you create new users, but where you create additional user setup per company.

    So my guess is that you have some other code, which requires that that users also are created in the User Setup table.
    If you have another user, who can login to the company, then let this user create the "XYZ" user.

    If you need to add you user account to the "actual" user table, then you should do the same as above, login with one of the users who have access. If that's not possible then you can either user PowerShell or an SQL script to add your self here.
    But reading your error message, then that would not be enough.
  • Hi SivaniRaman,

    I think there are no Users to that DB .. in That case

    you can use SQL Script --Click

    Power Shell --Click

    If that is not the case and some other users able to Access

    Then Simply ask them create one User ...

  • Hi,

    I had some similar issues, I solved it using powershell. You can add user in 2 ways without using RTC.
    1. Using SQL
    2. Using Powershell

    Using powershell u need to execute following cmdlets.

    New-NavServerUser -WindowsAccount 'domain\user' -ServerInstance InstanceName
    New-NavServerUserPermissionSet -WindowsAccount 'domain\user' -ServerInstance InstanceName -PermissionSetId SUPER

    you will be good to go with RTC you are trying to open once you execute these above 2 cmdlets.