How to use FieldCaption and FieldRef.Caption in SetView of CAL Code

I've a code written like this,

  'SORTING(Document No.,"Line No.") WHERE(Document No.=CONST(' + DocNoFilter +
    '),Posting Date=CONST(' + PostingDateFilter + '),Line No.=CONST(' + FORMAT(LineNo1) + '))')


Now I'm trying to use the same SetView to happen in in German so I need to use fieldcaption or it can also be done using  FieldRef.Caption for the above code I guess.

I'm not used to FieldRef.Caption so I couldn't get through that.


Can someone guide me how to achieve this above code in different language apart from ENU?

some how I tried to manage this way as shown below, But still I couldn't get through exactly.

,SICaption.FIELDCAPTION("Document No."),SICaption.FIELDCAPTION("Line No.")))


Let me know if any good suggestions.