Can we have negative values in inventory? Explain

please reply

  • hi Praveetha,

    which version you are using?

  • In reply to sachin chaudhari:

    nav 2016
  • Praveetha,

    Whenever you are asking questions kindly provide more details about issue /queries with version details of NAV. Dont just write heading .

    This will help you get more correct and useful advice from forum members and you can resolve you queries in faster way
  • In reply to Amol:

    Hi Praveetha,

    there is option to prevent negative inventory above nav 2013 version in inventory setup also on item card.

    if you check your inventory according to posting date then remember system not consider posting date for negative inventory.

    i mean to say if you buy something today practically your not able to sell it yesterday but system allow it.

    Please Correct me guys if i am wrong