Payment Advice



In payment advice, we have re-designed.


However the external document column which we have incorporated in the column is not visible.


When we make bank payment voucher we enter the short description of the content in external document column, that is why we have incorporated this column.


Kindly help me out in this.




  • Hi ,

    this is a programming issue. Have a word w/ programmer. We cannot help as we dont know what you done.

  • In reply to faludigabor:

    I actually think that this "payment advice" report is part of the Indian localization, I think I have seen it before.

    But would still be nice to have known which version of NAV this is about, incl. local versions....

    Still the answer would be pretty much the same. If you're not a NAV developer, then explaining you how to fix this issue would take way to much effort, when its a customized report. You would be better of calling your NAV partner and have them come and fix it. Smile