MS Dynamics NAV End User Developer License

Hello all,

I work for company who wishes to iuse Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  I am a complete beginner to this product so if anyone could provide me with links to information about this product please do.

The question I am asking is : Do you have to get Microsoft Dynamics NAV through a Microsoft Certified Partner (ISV). Is it possible to buy directly off microsoft and do the installation yourself?

Does anyone know of any ISV's that will provide a company with a ''Developer Edition'' ?

Or Maybe an assisted implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV?


Padraic Hickey  

  • You really need to decide what you mean by developer license, there are several levels of developeing for an end user company,  You can do quite a bit with just the forms, tables, and report designer, It is a good way to get started, the one thing you can not do is access codueunits and cal code in forms or tables, so you are limited on new functionality you can create, (which for a new user, is probably a good thing), but you can still do a lot, and you can use cal code in reports which combined with processing only feature of reports lets you accomplish a lot.  Once you past that point and need more development tools you can add the application builder granule, which gets you access to cal code in forms, tables, and codeunits,  it only restricts against some protected tables, which very few people should access anyways.  It cost $8000 in the U.S., if you find you need the full developer license as described below you can purchase that for another $26000 in the U.S.  You must already have the application designer granule. 



    Application Builder (7,200)


    You use this granule to change the business rules and special calculations that work behind the scenes.

    These business rules and special calculations are defined in a language we call C/AL (C/SIDE Application Language). While Application Builder includes access to C/AL, it does not allow access to existing C/AL code that updates write-protected tables (postings for instance). Application Builder lets you create entirely new areas of functionality for your application, enabling you to tailor Navision to fit your entire organization.

    This tool also enables you to create 100 Codeunit objects (numbered from 50,000 to 50,099).

    The Application Builder granule enables you to take advantage of the functionality included for developers in the Navigation Pane Designer. This means, for example, that you can create new menu items.

    Requirements: Report & Dataport Designer, Form Designer, Table Designer and XML Port Designer


    Solution Developer (7,300)


    You use this granule for the same purposes as the Application Builder granule, but it also gives you access to code that updates write-protected tables.

    This granule gives you the access necessary to change or create any object type, and gives you access to the Merge Tool and Upgrade Tool.

    This granule also enables you to use the menu options Translate/Export and Translate/Import in the Object Designer. These options are not available with the Application Builder granule.

    Requirements: Application Builder

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