am just joining the forum and have perused posts related to TCP/IP Error Econnrefused error but seem not to land on a kill for a similar problem am facing. Let me state it and hope that you great folks can sort me out.

We are Implementing NAV2009 with the Native database having clients connecting to a central database that is sitting on windows 2008 server. The clients have xp, windows7 and vista os.

We have installed the client side on a laptop whose xp os was recently reinstalled following a virus crash. However when we attempt to connect to the centralserver the famous message is displayed.

TCP/IP connections 'host' is not answering (TCP/IP error ECONNREFUSED)

the following steps were undertaken too

  1. entry in the hosts file centraldatabase 
  2. computers are part of the domain
  3. we have disabled the fire wall
  4. mcafe antivirus is installed and running on the laptop

when we attempted to install both client and database on the laptop we could access the laptop database as a server  but like earlier alluded we cannot access the main central database.

Some help please.