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I am working with a NAV clients license, and have a query on page design.

The client has got granule 7,120 Form & Page Designer(includes 100 Pages & Forms) in their license, but it seems a bit random as to which pages can be designed/changed. For example I can open page 7702 in the designer, but not page 9001.

Does anyone know how this works? I have read in related posts that granule 7200 might resolve the issue?

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Rolf (Sydney)


  • You may create NEW Forms/Pages in range 50000-50099, but with Granule 7120 you can editt only layout, no access to C/AL code.

    In existing forms you may change layout - add new fields, delete unneded, but again - no access to C/AL code here, too. Besides, as you already have noticed, not all forms are editable - some are protected, some are in AddOn object number range.

    In general, for "full-blown editing" of Forms you need Developer license, and even that does't give access to ALL forms, say, already mentioned AddOn objects etc.

    Granule 7120 Form & Page Designer allows  LAYOUT changes, no more.

    Granule 7200 AppBuilder will allow you to do more, but again - full editing will be allowed in YOUR Forms - Object number range 50000..50099 only (standart, but you could request a different range of 100 Form when bying license, check license .txt file for object numbers)

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