Navision in the "clouds"

Hello all,

First of all, my deepest respects to all experts, consultants and MVPs participating in these forums.

I think that Navision 2009 is a great product, The 3-tiered-architecture is a huge step forwards in the future of this ERP product. The Role-tailored-client has a really nice Look&Feel and provides easy navigation and data manipulation.

I see several problems though, the biggest one - the overall performace of the product. My own impression is that the each next version of Navision is a little bit slower. The RTC looks also slower than the classic client, the 3-tiered architecture causes (probably) additional delay. I'm not quite sure about the performance in multi-user environment (with many many users) and with large databases.

Also, a missing part as to me is a full-featured web version of the Role Tailored Client. I think that the combination of a faster application-server and web-server would make Navision a really modern "cloud" service and #1 in ERP-solutions.

I would like to kindly ask the here-participating consultants, experts and especially MVPs and MS-Dynamics managers or product-consultant to share their opinions about:

1. the need of a faster NAV-server?

2. the need of a full-featured web-client of Navision?

3. whether all this could be provided as add-ons or should be an integral part of the product?

4. I think that the Microsoft's approval for such add-ons (in form of support, documentation or development-partnership) is needed in all cases. Is that so?

Thank you in advance.

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