MaintainSQLIndex in Dynamics NAV 2009

If you disable the "MaintainSQLIndex"-Option for any key in table of dynamics nav 2009, save the object and then try to enable the key again, there is a sql-error that you are not allowed to drop this index. The bug is independent from user rights in sql server.

Does anybody know this bug or knows how to fix it?


  • Hi Claudius,

    welcome to the "Dynamics User Group"

    Actually I could reproduce this error and I am convinced this is a bug ... I hope there will be a fix  ASAP!

    Meanwhile you could solve this by manually creating the missing index (just a "dummy" is enough); e.g. (your example)

    CREATE INDEX "$2" ON "..."."Change Log Entry" ("timestamp")

    Then you could set "MaintainSQLindex" to TRUE again.

    Best regards,


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